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Art Of Storytelling


For People Who Are Driven By Passion

India's Most Intensive Wedding Photography Masterclass

Mentored by Rishabh Agarwal

The idea for The Epic Masterclass  was born after talking to hundreds of photographers who wanted to access quality education in real-life photography - access to the tools & methods adopted by the world's finest professionals - and to learn everything in the right way.

In this 3-Day no-nonsense, tour-cum-class, you'll be taken to one of the most scenic locations in India, for one of the most intensive photography masterclass ever. Strictly not a seminar, this experience will teach you how to think differently, be fearless in your approach and make a sustainable business out of your love of photography.

This is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Limited to 10 students only.

What Will You Learn

Storytelling, Composition, Lighting, Business, Being Funny and most importantly, Thinking Differently. As a photography enthusiast, you already know, clicking the shutter button comprises less than 10% of your job. What happens behind the scenes - on location, in the photographer's mind, on the edit table and in between final export - is all a mystery to the outer world. In the same situation, with the same amount of time, two different people can make two completely different images. While some people can create flawless images, some struggle to get it right.

And getting it right is a process. A process which involves intense thinking, preparation, knowledge and a little bit of luck. The Epic Masterclass shall prepare you to make those photographs which you always dreamed of.


This is not a seminar. The Epic Masterclass was not designed to offer you a chair and make you sit through never ending slides of presentations on a projector. It was designed to make you work. To get your work critiqued in the most constructive way, to make introductions with your own weaknesses and to push you forward to convert them into your strengths.

Everybody wants to be an artist. But nobody wants to be a starving artist. And that's where the Business of Photography comes in. The masterclass will let you on the secrets of making your work characteristically different from others, making a sustainable and profitable business from photography alone, and staying on top - every single time. 




About The Mentor

Rishabh Agarwal

Rishabh Agarwal is an international wedding photographer based out of India. An engineer by education and a musician by heart, he left his corporate job just because of his sheer passion of photography. Over the years, he has learnt, experimented and mastered the art of storytelling through his photographs, building a brand and making a sustainable business through photography.


Rs. 45,000 per student


1-2-3 July, 2016


Accommodation, All Meals & Refreshments



The Epic Masterclass has to be on an epic location. Let us take you to the famous Woodville Palace which has been a set of cult movies like 3 Idiots, Black & Student Of The Year. Bollywood has had a great influence on all of us photographers, after all

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